Ownership Changes Afoot

A US newspaper reports that online casino operators are annoyed by European investors right now. A Las Vegas betting entrepreneur, Jack Binion, was arranging for the procurement of the distressed Full Tilt Poker group, but now the group announced that a European capitalist group has agreed to purchase sufficient number of stocks in the company known for its first class poker rooms and online casinos.

The Los Angeles Times provides the latest information, which stated late Thursday that a favourable deal could see gamers from the US finally a repayment of up to $150 million being paid.

The LA Times journalist Nathaniel Popper confidently declared in his write-up that attorneys affiliated to Full Tilt online casino said the industry sealed the contract with a number of interested investors who would contribute enough money to recompense players and by doing so may acquire most of the stake in Full Tilt’s Irish parent company, the Pocket Kings. The writing continued to claim that the anonymous attorneys for the shareholders are presently trading with the US Department of Justice concerning the contract of online casinos and the accusation against some individuals identified with Full Tilt which was reported on April 15.

The details of the claim regarding the agreement to secure an ownership of more than half of the company’s voting shares in Pocket Kings remain incomplete, with only limited information revealed to the public at this stage. Popper also cited an attorney acting in place of ace player Phil Levy, who commented that the poker superstar has granted consent to retract his lawsuit in Nevada against Tiltware LLC now that a payment solution for the US online casino gamers of Full Tilt may be feasible.

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