Online Casino Fans Anticipating

It seems like the French have done well in this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP). Three French poker players, all terrestrial and online casino fans, have already won the title and the gold bracelets of the tournament this year.

The fourth one is Antonin Teissiere when he topped the 50th event of this season’s tournament. The event with $5,000 buy-in is named, Triple Chance No Limit Hold’em. It started with a pool of 817 players coming from various backgrounds in das beste online casinos Deutschlands! With a prize pool of $3,839,900, Teissiere received $825,604 for garnering the first place, while on the second spot is Darryl Ronconi.

In the 53rd event called Ladies No Limit Hold’em Championship, the very first woman WSOP champion was awarded with a gold bracelet and huge cash. Three players are remained on the table. Marsha Wolak is first led the chips. Trailing behind were Carol Tomlinson and Karina Jett, all fans of poker at online casinos. Some events were played until the wee hours of the evening. By Monday, most of the poker players, from land-based and online casino, have taken a break and has joined the Fourth of July parties held at several gambling venues, while they enjoyed the fireworks exhibit on Las Vegas skies.

By then, more players have joined the main event of the WSOP. As the other events started to wind down, the focus was aimed at the main event of the WSOP, which promised millions of dollars prize and the most-coveted main event gold bracelet. While most players, several of them online casino fans, have gone home $10,000 lighter, the best of them has left Las Vegas with a promise that his life will change forever.

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