Gambling Law Reminder

Rob Davies, the South African Government Trade and Industry Minister warned both the foreign internet gambling operators and the local internet gamblers in a press release done this week on the result of the Gambling Review Commission regarding the country’s gambling laws.

Davies also advised that his office would not feel any pressure in accepting any type of online casino gambling which is against the law of South Africa even though foreign-established operators will set up online casinos businesses in the country.

The chief executive of the National Gambling Board, Baby Twaya, informed those caught betting at online casino that they will be imprisoned for 10 years and more or be fined to Rand 10 million. The Commission created by the Trade and Industry Department three years ago revealed a finding that since 1996, online casino gambling has developed into a small and mature sector; the gross betting profit has gone up and doubled from 2001 to 2009, R15.9 million at present. Gambling seemed more favourable for the South African economy. According to the findings, the gambling sector produced 56,958 direct jobs and brought Rand 1.5 billion in tax revenues for the local government in 2009 alone.

The most interesting fact is that a large number of clients in the gambling industry are not tourists but local-based gamers. The commission suggests a framework for gaming taking into consideration the current situation including internet gambling. The National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces will examine the report and pass recommendations concerning the current gambling laws. However with its 40 casino licenses, Davies pointed out that the online casino gambling business will remain unaffected whatever the outcome of the evaluation.

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