Code of Conduct For Gambling Operators

The Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) is an independent regulating body that provides license to the gambling operators. Being a member will give a prestigious name of being a legitimate operator to a gambling business. Any license holder issued by the Interactive Gaming Council has a better edge of attracting clients as their membership to IGP signifies legitimacy of their operation which is closely associated of being a trustworthy and honest gambling business operator.

Gambling operators, being members of the IGC are required to abide by the code of conduct imposed by the IGC. Compliance is highly expected from its licensees and the IGC Board has the right to conduct inspection to any of their member’s business operation to ensure the quality of their services and compliance to the set standards and rules of the IGC.

Gambling licensees of IGC are required to take accountability to their services and ensure that they maintain integrity with the system used to operate their business. The algorithms and operation system used by the gambling operators shall uphold an honest business where fair game is offered to all its clients.

Gambling operators are also mandated to provide an efficient system that will protect the confidentiality of their player’s information. The responsibility of the gambling operator is basically to provide a systematic control and prevention against internal and external security breach that can compromise their client’s privacy.

The IGC also ensures that their licensees are promoting truth with their advertising. The IGC itself has its own advertising code of practice which they encourage their licensees to follow. All members of the IGC are also subjected for audit trails where their financial books and records may be audited at anytime. This will help monitor if the IGC members really provide an efficient and prompt payout to their winners.

The IGC also monitors any dispute resolution involving their licensees and its members are also required to institute minor restrictions on all their gambling establishment licensees. The IGC expects gambling operators to take action in curtailing problem gambling. They are encouraged to provide counseling help and assistance to all problem gamblers.

Anti-money laundering procedures are also within the context of the IGC programs and all its licensees are required to observe jurisdictional laws in all its transactions. All licensees of the IGC are also required to provide fund intended solely for prompt pay out of winnings.

The compliance of running a gambling business according to the standards set by the IGC will continue to maintain and protect the integrity of the gambling industry. This makes a gambling business establishment more trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of their clients which are good for their business.

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